Vonnie Kyle’s hard scrabble, take no prisoners lyrics alone are outstanding. But she also has refined musicianship and polished production in her corner. Don’t miss her in PDX or anywhere you come across her music. It is a journey you won’t want to skip.”

— Kevin O’Connor, Minnesota Public Radio

Imperfect Parts is a multifaceted, colorful album filled with unexpected twists, heartfelt swells, and emotional spikes. The songs are delicate, yet sharp; a single song will often bounce between fragility and rage. The vast range of emotional expression on this album results in a deeply satisfying listening experience.”

— Daniel Siuba, 25YL


Vonnie Kyle is singer-songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. Her music has been described as “A masterful blend of indie rock and folk-tinged storytelling.” Kyle’s songs are upbeat and poignant, exuding a 90s pop-rock sensibility. In the studio and on stage, Kyle is an energetic and fearless performer.

In 2022, having already released four different EPs since 2013, Kyle released Imperfect Parts, her first full-length album. Its traditional rock band lineup is complemented by lush strings, punchy horns, and intricate vocal harmonies. Thematically, Imperfect Parts explores existential loneliness, longing, and loss, but it’s ultimately a story of self-acceptance.

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Press: Alex Haager,